Mel Ivory


Mel has been a practicing yoga practitioner for the past twenty years, and explored and studied numerous styles including Iyengar, Astanga, Bikram, and more traditional Hatha yoga. 

Fascinated with meditation, mindfulness and yoga, and the effects of the mind and body, Mel has explored both the theoretical and personal side of these practises.



My daily practise is to explore presence, and gently open my heart with ease, and grace using movement, meditation and breath

Living a life of service, with a deep commitment and discipline to my practise. 

Nurturing, supportive, loving and present



Inspiration teachers include Mark Breader, Clive Sheridan, Jacqui Gualino, Kevin Farrow, Jo Gates, and Peter Bliss. Melanie has completed her level 2, certified 500 hour yoga teacher training with Mark Breader. Mel is also a wellness balancer of Acu-energetics.