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Yoga Coach


YogaCoaching is an ongoing support network designed to help you to live at your highest potential and become the best version of yourself. 

Yoga is the science of Inner Wellbeing. Through the practices of Yoga you will learn to train, purify and master the body, energy systems and mind to remove the obstacles in your life and to strengthen what is most useful.

From this place you learn to connect to your unique gifts, and a deeper meaning and purpose.



Melanie studied Acuenergetics and completed her initial instruction in 2005 with the founder of the modality Kevin Farrow. 

Acuenergetics is a modern healing modality that integrates Chinese, Judaic, Indian and western healing traditions into accurate energy medicine. 

Meditation, Pranayama, and QiGong


Meditation, Pranayama, and QiGong help still the mind and create balance and flow.

Removing lifes obstacles, these daily practises improve all areas of the mind and body 

Creating a body that is healthy, vital and aligned...

Creating a purified, strong, nervous system...

Stilling the mind, and creating more peace, presence, and joy